Who are we?

At the Principals Funds, we are about building strong schools. Principals, school management teams, teachers, admin and support staff build strong schools. We are about enabling them with a most precious resource - money. 

Our purpose is to build strong schools by helping low-resourced schools in South Africa generate long term incremental income.

Naturally, we are a mix of accountants and educators. Our Board of Directors consists of a blend of accounting professionals and current serving school principals from our partner schools. Our team are professional accountants as well as accountants in training. This mix of education and finance ensures we bring both functional expertise and practical experience to discussions of what may and may not deliver results for a school. 

This composition also ensures we do not overstep our boundaries. At the Principals Fund, our role is to help the school increase its long term incremental income. It is the Principal’s, and through the Principal, the staff’s decision on how best to apply the additional funds to best deliver improved educational outcomes. 

Read more about our Board of Directors here.

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